Every form of casting is available in China, in many materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous.


CastingMost foundries have spectrometer analysis and NDT inspection as well as the traditional inspection methods. Recent years have seen the investment and establishment of extremely modern foundries with equipment purchased from Japan, Germany and the USA.


We Specialise in the investment casting of Steel and the Sand Casting of SG Iron.



Some of the processes available are:-


  • Sand Casting:- Green Sand, Resin Sand, Shell and floor casting, utilising both wooden and aluminium tooling.
  • Investment Casting:- Lost Wax utilising aluminium tooling.
  • Die Casting:- High pressure, Low pressure and gravity in Zinc and aluminium.


The standard of casting in China is extremely high and very competitive, it is possible that products or components which have been traditionally fabricated in the UK could benefit from a redesign and produced using one of the methods described above. Raw castings can be pre-machined in China to eradicate any 'hidden defects' and enable easier set-up in the UK machine shop, using pre determined datums, saving further time and money.

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