Design Service


Material Procurement Asia Ltd is an engineering company foremost, with experience of sourcing in China.


With that in mind, if you have a current product, but do not have the drawings or models for that product, we can draw or model the product for you in the UK. Using the latest drawing and modelling software we can create DXF, DWG, Iges, or STEP files (2D or 3D technical images of the product) as well as JPG, PDF and TiFF images for those without the relevant software to view the technical files.


Give us your drawings, sketches or parts and we can create the images in the form which engineering companies require to quote the price for tooling and components accurately.


If you have a product and you would like to change the production method, we can re-design the product to enable it to be manufactured using a different method. e.g. fabricated part to cast part or machined part to moulded part.


Our prices are extremely competitive and if you go on to buy the product through us we will include our fees in the set up cost for sourcing from China.


If you do not want to source from China but need drawings or models we will happily create them for you.

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