Injection Moulding


Injection moulding services from China are available in modern well equipped workshops.


Injection MouldingThe standard of tooling is very high and it is an ideal place for low cost tooling and production of lower volume products. The materials available are as varied as in the rest of the world with a large proportion of the material being produced within China, however 'famous brand' materials are also widely available, all be it, at a higher cost.




  • Injection moulding:- Single shot to multi cavity complex moulds (sliding / rotating hydraulic cores), all thermoplastic materials are available, overmoulding and insert moulding available.
  • Blow moulding:- Process suitable for the production of larger section, hollow products, in most thermoplastic materials suitable for this process.
  • Secondary operations:- machining or assembly of finish products available, including fittings and other items. Packaging to suit any individual requirements.
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