Machining in China varies, from the traditional conventional machining methods, to the latest multi axis CNC machining.


MachiningMachine shops in China can be extremely impressive with a level of investment not seen in the UK for decades. All conventional materials in ferrous and non ferrous forms are available. Inspection methods from traditional metrology departments to the latest in CNC co-ordinate measuring machines are available in the machine shops used by us.




  • Conventional Machining:- Centre lathe Turning, automatic sliding head turning, vertical milling, horizontal milling, vertical boring, horizontal boring, drilling, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, gear cutting, hobbing, broaching.
  • CNC Machining:- CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC boring, 5 Axis CNC machining.
  • EDM:- Wire erosion, spark erosion, CNC wire erosion, CNC spark erosion.
  • Heat Treatment and finishing:- Hardening and Tempering, anodising, tumbling, sand blasting, chrome, bright zinc, galvanising.


All materials are supplied with mill certificates and relevant heat treatment records to satisfy customer inspection requirements.

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